Curavi Health, CarePointe, U.S. Health Systems Join to Form Arkos Health

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Curavi Health offers a comprehensive telemedicine solution for the nursing home.

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Welcome to Curavi Health

Enabling patient-centered care in nursing homes through customized telemedicine solutions.


At Curavi Health, we are focused on delivering innovative solutions that aim to enhance the health and well-being of patients and residents in post-acute care.

This approach incorporates the highly-effective combination of telemedicine and clinical decision support, delivered through a seasoned implementation process.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive, after-hours telehealth solution that provides access to fellowship-trained geriatricians, and is designed to significantly reduce avoidable hospitalizations.

Curavi Health has been built on the latest interdisciplinary clinical research in the field of telemedicine in post-acute care. Best practices have been thoroughly vetted through CMS- and NIH-funded studies.

We invite you to learn more about our telemedicine solutions and reach out to us to discuss how Curavi can benefit you.


Differentiate your skilled nursing facility

Separate from the crowd by providing instant access to fellowship-trained geriatricians from the University of Pittsburgh.

Maintain Preferred Partner Status

By meeting the needs of preferred acute care providers and payers, you can meet the requirements to be part of a narrow network.

Achieve and Maintain Census

Superior care in a narrower network will drive census in your facility.

Improve Staff Satisfaction

Improve staff satisfaction by enhancing quality, innovation and confidence.