Acute Change of Condition

(a) a clinically important deviation from a patient’s baseline in physical, cognitive, behavioral, or functional domains; (b) “clinically important means a deviation that, without intervention, may result in complications or death; and (c) unrelieved by measures already prescribed.

Advanced Practice Provider

A Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist, or a Physician’s Assistant.

Communication Plan

Communication procedures for initiating Telemedicine Consults.


A proprietary video platform software specifically designed for telemedicine in skilled nursing facilities. CuraviCare is a Curavi Product.


The cart by which Curavi deploys CuraviCare and is a Curavi Product.


A single Customer operated or owned skilled nursing facility receiving Curavi Products or Services under a Curavi Agreement

Facility Leadership Team

The customer’s CEO / Administrator, Director of Nursing, Medical Director, Nursing Supervisors, Professional Development Coordinator or similar qualified personnel as deemed appropriate by the customer.


First activation of a live Patient using CuraviCart and CuraviCare.

Originating Site

An originating site is the location of an eligible Medicare beneficiary at the time the service furnished via a telecommunications system occurs.


A person who is receiving care or residing within the Customer’s physical location.


A qualified physician providing clinical Services on behalf of Curavi.

Potentially Avoidable Hospitalization

Hospitalizations that could have been avoided because the condition could have been prevented or treated outside of an inpatient hospital setting.


“Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation”. The SBAR technique provides a framework for communication between members of the health care team about a patient’s condition.

Telemedicine Clinical Protocols

Protocols which are based on specific workflows and/or clinical conditions, detailing how and when the originating site should use telemedicine, as well as how and when the distal site provider should respond once a Telemedicine Consult has been requested.

Telemedicine Consults

Telemedicine is defined as the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical healthcare at a distance.  Telemedicine Consults are medical assessments and associated care rendered by means of telemedicine communications technologies between a Physician and Patient.


The Customer’s designated clinical contact that is assisting with the telemedicine consult. The role of the Telepresenter is to support and facilitate communication of both the patient and evaluating provider throughout the tele-encounter process