Ashley A. Boots, MSN, CRNP

Ashley Boots is the Telemedicine Nurse Practitioner for Curavi Health, a company focused on delivering innovative solutions to enhance the quality of care for residents in skilled nursing facilities and in the broader post-acute care environment. Curavi Health is a portfolio company of UPMC Enterprises, and is being built on the latest in interdisciplinary clinical research in the field of improving senior care through telemedicine. Ashley has been directly involved with the RAVEN initiative since its inception in 2012. Since 2014, she have specialized in treating acute change in conditions in  long term care residents via telemedicine.

Prior to assuming full-time telemedicine nurse practitioner role, while in the RAVEN initiative, she worked in long-term care facilities, focusing on early identification and treatment of potentially avoidable hospitalizations, care planning and palliative care. Prior to joining RAVEN and Curavi, Ashley practiced as a registered nurse for almost a decade in the ICU setting.

Ashley also received a Master’s of Science from Carlow University with a board certification in Family Medicine.